Sometimes taking time fairly until all image is displayed when the internet-line-speed is slow
@A method of operating the automatic scroll screen of the long train is explained below.
1. In the first screen, at the slow speed of "slow", the train moves to the right or the left.
2. When wanting to make move earlier, press "fast".
@When the image reaches the right or the left end, it keeps constant time and the direction of the movement becomes opposite.
3. This figure shows the coordinates position of the level direction.
@It begins with 0 of the left end, and the more it goes to the right the bigger the figure becomes.
4.The present image position is shown out of the image of the long train.@At present, it is in the left end approximately.
This automatic side scroll image display is using Java Script.
Therefore, depending on the kind of the browser, an image isn't sometimes displayed successfully.
Also, because it isn't displayed when prohibiting so as not for Java Script to move by the setting of a browser, too, in the case, change setting.

If pushing the "NEXT" button, it is possible to go to the page which sees a long scroll image.